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Jared Eucalates formerly known as Shin Tae-Pong, is the main protagonist of Bug Player. On Earth he was the number one player in the game Paradiso for ten years. But he then dies because of his over commitment to the game and later becomes Jared, son of the noble of Caribia.


Shin Tae-Pong, in comparison to Jared, is a skinny man who has pale skin. He has black hair and eyes and has bags under his eyes.

In his initial appearance, Jared is shown with blonde hair and blue eyes and is an extremely obese person with a noticeable double chin. Although soon after, Jared loses a notable amount of weight removing his double chin albeit still overweight. During this time he often wears formal attire consisting of a shirt with a green jacket and trousers.

Shortly after in the series, Jared has lost a significant amount of weight returning to his slim form from ten years prior. He has a slightly strong build and is a handsome man even charming characters like Isabella and Archnes.

After beating the Lich Delluke he takes many of his prized possessions and wears them on his personnel on a daily basis wearing many golden accessories like earrings, necklaces and rings


Shin Tae-Pong was a person who spent hours after work, devoting himself to the game Paradiso to maintain his number one position. Even after death, he is still shown to be hardworking accomplishing great feats for his territory by exploiting his knowledge of the world. Not only that Jared is also shown to be a compassionate person willing to go extra lengths to help others and deeply care for the people of Caribia. His dedication and compassion for his country and people leads him to many accomplishments that is spread across the continent.

He is very ambitious as he wishes to conquer and rule over the entire Nasu Continent and become it's new hero from the approaching threats.

Jared has a sense of responsibility as he blames himself for being unable to help his mother and taking on the sins the original Jared had made against others.

Due to his knowledge of the world, Jared is an extremely confident person in every action he makes when it comes to management, diplomacy, and battle.

On the other hand, Jared's darker side tends to appear in the series, completely desensitized when killing bandits and thugs and occasionally toys with his opponents going the extra lengths to mock them.


Not much is known about Shin Tae-Pong's past, however, it was known his mother died due to cancer when he was fifteen and he blames himself for being unable to do anything. A few years later, he becomes the number one player in the game Paradiso and reigns as the top player for an entire decade until he dies because of excessive gaming at the age of thirty

Jared's father, Barrett, died when he was fifteen and soon enters a depressed state where he lost empathy for others, abusing Haze when he becomes slightly irritated and firing Barrett's loyal subordinates. As a result of this many trusted and competent people left Caribia which allowed for many corrupted officials to take over Caribia. During this time, he lived a luscious life neglectful of his territory and indulges in food, alcohol, and women. This is until Shin Tae-Pong takes over in Jared's body taking responsibility for Jared's past actions and decides to move on to protect the territory of Caribia.


  • The email account for his blog is called paraold@000.000
  • His biggest fear is spiders.
  • When questioned about his knowledge, his go-to excuse is the Eastern Continent.
  • At one point in his life Jared had once attended an academy in the Desmond Empire.