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Haze, a side character and love interest of Jared, serves the role of a maid for Jared and has been serving him for over a decade. She now assists Jared in his management of Caribia as well as being the designated healer for the dukedom. During her time of servitude, Haze had fallen in love with Jared.  


Haze has a regular frame with blue straight hair with an individual cowlick as well as having yellow eyes. She frequents a typical maid outfit; a black dress that goes below the knees with white frills, a red ribbon and a white apron.


Haze, as her inclinations suggest, is an exceptionally kind person willing to learn how to cook dishes for Jared despite harsh treatment towards herself. She is also a devoted, loyal person as she has loved Jared for over ten years and is willing to put herself in harm's way to protect Jared despite not being needed to.

Despite this Haze values herself solely as a maid when she refused to call Jared his teacher trying to maintain their relationship. Furthermore she even rejected the offer to quit being a maid to become a full time healer in which is a higher position for her.


Not much is known about her history other than the fact the she has been serving Jared since she was a child. In addition, she has also been in love with Jared for over 10 years.


  • Haze had picked up the ability to draw maps as she had observed her father do the same when she was younger.
  • Her first kiss with Jared was in chapter 56.